Duffin’s Stocking Program

Any Time Manufacturing

When you partner with Duffin for machining services, we work closely with you to understand all of your production needs. Our fast, efficient delivery and production of your turned parts ensure that your operations run smoothly.

Duffin’s flexible stocking programs ensure that your components are ready when you need them. We produce and ship distinct orders or work to a blanket order and ship using Kanban or other pull systems. Simply place the order and when it’s time to restock parts at your facility, we release the inventory from our warehouse.

Maintaining inventory at our facility is convenient for you and it drastically cuts back on lead times. Instead of waiting for set-up and production, you receive your goods within a few days.

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Hose Connector Brass Screw Machine High/Low Vol. - 3
Plumbing Stem Brass ACME Thread Screw Machine High Vol. - 1
Value Cartridge Low Lead Brass Assembly Screw Machine ACME Thread - 3
Custom Nut brass High Vol. Screw Machine - 3
Solder Fitting Copper Any Vol. Screw Machine Pipe Adapters Male - 4
Hose Connector Brass Screw Machine Chrome Plating High/Low Vol. Pipe Thread - 5
Faucet Fitting Brass Secondary Operation Complex Part Screw Machine - 3
Custom Parts Secondary Operation Brass Assembly Low Vol. - 4
Hose Connector Brass Screw Machine Chrome Plating High/Low Vol. Pipe Thread - 1
Custom OEM Parts Secondary Operation Brass - 1
Brass Faucet Part Complex Part CNC Precise Machining Low Vol. - 2