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Custom Machined Parts.At Duffin, you can rely on our experts to assist with all your machined part needs. We manufacture a wide range of standard and custom components for any volume production. For complex parts, our CNC machining services offer innovative solutions and precision results.

If you require custom machined parts for various applications, we offer engineering support for manufacturing advice and cost-effective production. We make your design specifications a reality.

Duffin also offers post-machining processes and parts assembly to finish parts or sub-assemblies that are ready for use. You can view samples of our recent work to see how we may be able to assist with your project.

We are your one-stop-shop for custom machined parts

At Duffin, we manufacture any custom part required for your application. We take care of all your precision turned part needs with the most cost-effective solution.

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Hose Connector Brass Screw Machine High/Low Vol. - 3
Value Cartridge Low Lead Brass Assembly Screw Machine ACME Thread - 3
Custom Nut brass High Vol. Screw Machine - 3
Plastic parts Screw machine CNC - 1
Solder Fitting Copper Any Vol. Screw Machine Pipe Adapters Male - 4
Solder Fitting Copper Any Vol. Screw Machine Pipe Adapters Male - 3
Value Plug Aluminum Precision High Volume Screw Machine -3
Custom OEM Parts Secondary Operation Brass - 1
Custom Nut brass High Vol. Screw Machine - 2
Plumbing Stem Brass Chrome Plate ACME Thread Screw Machine Hight/Low Volume - 6
Brass Faucet Part Complex Part CNC Precise Machining Low Vol. - 2
Faucet Fitting Brass Chrome Plated Polished Low Vol. - 1