Why Choose Duffin Machining Services?

Duffin is the premier source for all of your precision turned part needs. Our service, quality and customer focus make us an ideal partner for all of your machining services. Our highly reliable team and consistent results provide precision, custom solutions for customers in many industries.

Any Part

Our manufacturing and assembly expertise produce quality precision parts for a variety of applications. We offer the highest standards in finishing details and can produce any turned part you may need, including complex components and customized turned parts and assemblies.

Any Volume

We are fully dedicated to our customers to provide all of your turned parts over a full range of volumes. Our machining process yields precision parts that meet your design and production specifications. We service low to high volume requests for any part required to complete your project.

Any Time

Duffin’s quick turnaround time means your components are delivered with expediency. We manufacture to forecast and utilize stocking programs allowing us to release your products when you need them.

Innovative Team & Technology

Duffin has implemented ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified Quality, Environment and Safety systems. Our 50,000 square-foot facility in Elyria, Ohio is equipped with over 50 industry-leading screw machines, CNC machines and secondary manufacturing equipment to support all of your critical machining needs.

Our highly trained team has over 40 dedicated employees, senior-level engineers, quality control specialists, tool and die makers, and experienced machinists.

Custom Machining Solutions

We work closely with our customers to fully understand all of their custom machining specifications. Our manufacturing process is optimized to provide the highest quality part economically.

Trust your precision parts to our top quality, ultra flexible, fully custom machining services. Request a quote to get started.

Product SamplesVIEW MORE

Custom Parts Secondary Operation Brass Assembly Low Vol. - 4
Faucet Cartridge Chrome Plate Screw machine ACME Thread Assembly - 2
Hose Connector Brass Screw Machine Chrome Plating High/Low Vol. Pipe Thread - 1
Faucet Fitting Brass Secondary Operation Complex Part Screw Machine - 3
Solder Fitting Copper Any Vol. Screw Machine Pipe Adapters Male - 1
Plumbing Stem Brass Chrome Plate ACME Thread Screw Machine Hight/Low Volume -1
Custom Nut Steel Chrome plate Screw Machine High/Low Vol. - 1
Custom OEM Parts Secondary Operation Brass - 1
Plumbing Stem Brass ACME Thread Screw Machine High Vol. - 1
Custom OEM Parts Secondary Operation Brass - 3
Value Cartridge Low Lead Brass Assembly Screw Machine ACME Thread - 3
Plumbing Stem Brass Chrome Plate ACME Thread Screw Machine Hight/Low Volume -1