Samples of What Duffin Can Do

Peak into our offerings with a sampling of our products below. Discover how each part is used, where it is applied, and the equipment used to create it. You will find that we can create almost any precision turned component for use throughout many applications.


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Value Plug Aluminum Precision High Volume Screw Machine -3
Hose Connector Brass Screw Machine Chrome Plating High/Low Vol. Pipe Thread - 1
Custom Nut Steel Chrome Plate Screw Machine High/Low Vol. - 3
Custom Parts Secondary Operation Brass Assembly Low Vol. - 4
Plumbing Stem Brass Chrome Plate ACME Thread Screw Machine Hight/Low Volume - 5
Precision Parts Complex Part CNC Swiss CNC Brass/Steel High/Low Vol. Small Part - 3
Faucet Fitting Brass Secondary Operation Complex Part Screw Machine - 2
Hose Connector Brass Screw Machine High/Low Vol. - 2
Gas Convector Steel Zinc Plate Screw Machine 8-Spindle Large Hex Mat'l - 3
Custom Nut brass High Vol. Screw Machine - 2
Plumbing Stem Brass ACME Thread Screw Machine High Vol. - 1