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Hose Connector Brass Screw Machine Chrome Plating High/Low Vol. Pipe Thread - 1
Custom Parts Secondary Operation Brass Assembly Low Vol. - 4
Custom OEM Parts Secondary Operation Brass - 2
Plumbing Stem Brass Chrome Plate ACME Thread Screw Machine Hight/Low Volume - 5
Precision Parts Complex Part CNC Swiss CNC Brass/Steel High/Low Vol. Small Part - 3
Gas Convector Steel Zinc Plate Screw Machine 8-Spindle Large Hex Mat'l - 2
Solder Fitting Copper Any Vol. Screw Machine Pipe Adapters Male - 1
Custom Nut brass High Vol. Screw Machine - 2
Custom Bold=t Brass Screw Machine High/Low Vol. Small Parts - 2
Faucet Cartridge Chrome Plate Screw machine ACME Thread Assembly - 2